Drop-off Locations

We currently have 2 drop-off locations for Western Campus. The first one is behind Weldon Library in the drop-off area, and the second location is to the passenger drop-off area at the Ivey Building.  We are working hard to add more drop-off locations on campus so that all students will be able to pick-up their food in minutes! So please bear with us. If you are unable to find our drop off locations after making a purchase, feel free to call us or send us a message on Facebook and we will be happy to guide you.

Weldon Library Parking Lot

The Weldon library drop-off location is located in the parking lot behind Weldon. Quickly accessible from Weldon Library, the UCC and the Student Services Centre, and just a few minutes away from the Law Building and Engineering Buildings.

Ivey Building

The Ivey Building drop-off location is located by the passenger pickup area of the Ivey Building. Right outside the CB Bud Johnston Library. This location is easily accessible by all Ivey students.