Discover all the unique food options throughout your city with uMunch. Everyday's menu is carefully selected from top rated, quality local restaurants. If you weren't a foodie before, we will be sure to make you one.

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With our pre-ordering system you never have to pay any delivery fees again. Don't just save money but save time too. Order your meal in seconds with these 3 easy steps below:

  • Pre-Order

    Log onto our website and check out our hand picked menu items for the day. Make sure to Lock in your order by 10:30 am.

  • Pick-Up

    You will receive a text when your food arrives right to the lobby of your work building. Just bring your e-mail confirmation. Food will arrive before 12:30 pm everyday.

  • Munch

    Enjoy delicious meals from popular local restaurants everyday. Re-Discover your love for lunch and take full advantage of our Free Delivery.


Your time is valuable. With uMunch, lunch comes to you, so own your day. We deliver lunch right to your office's front desk by 12:30pm. Stop spending your time waiting in lines and enjoy lunch like it was meant to be enjoyed.


How does it work?

uMunch is an online cafeteria. Food is pre-ordered at 10:30 am and delivered by 12:30 pm. This gives us enough time to make sure your meal is cooked to perfection and bring efficiencies in our delivery process.

Where do I go to pick up my food?

Food is usually dropped off at the lobby of your building or at the receptionist desk of your office. You can select the drop-off locations when you order your meals online.

What if I miss or am late to my pick up?

Our drivers will be on site for approximately 15 minutes. If you miss that window, we will contact you to arrange a drop-off such as leaving it with a receptionist or giving it to a friend who will pick up the food for you.

How do I know if my food has arrived?

You can contact us through the Facebook chat platform on our website, the contact us page, or by sending us an email at admin@umunch.ca.